International PenFriends - GROUP Application
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Last Name :_________________________     Year of birth:_________________
First Name:_________________________     Age this year:_________________
   Address:_________________________          Religion:_________________
          :_________________________        Occupation:_________________
      City:_________________________	     [ ] Male    [ ] Female
     State:_________________________         [ ] Single  [ ] Married
   Country:________________ Postal Code:___________
Correspondance Preferred  [] Male   [] Female   [] Both
In which languages do you wish to correspond:
ENGLISH PLUS: []French   []German     []Chinese []Italian 
              []Japanese []Portuguese []Russian []Spanish
Have you ever been a member of our club?  [ ] Yes [ ] No
How or where did you hear about us?____________________________________
Which Items in general interest you?
 1[]Art                 2[]Animals    3[]Athletics           4[]Boating      
 5[]Business            6[]Camping    7[]Cinema              8[]Computers
 9[]Crafts             10[]Dancing   11[]Exchange Vacations 12[]Fishing
13[]Frank Discussion   14[]Games     15[]History            16[]Liturature
17[]Languages          18[]Music     19[]Photography        20[]Poetry
21[]Reading            22[]Science   23[]Sport              24[]Theatre
Select at least 2 Regions in which you want to have PenFriends
  Region 1 [] North America	        Region 7  [] Middle East
  Region 2 [] Central America		Region 8  [] Southern Asia
  Region 3 [] South America		Region 9  [] East Asia
  Region 4 [] United Kingdom		Region 10 [] Africa
  Region 5 [] Western Europe		Region 11 [] Australia & Pacific
  Region 6 [] Eastern Europe		ALL       [] All Regions
[] G1 - One STUDENT....$6.00 U.S.
           or 9 IRC's Each ** 	        Fees may be paid by Cash,  
   			  		U.S. Check or Money Order 
  					and should be made payable to: IPF
Return all group forms together with fees to:
International PenFriends           
School/Group Department
PO  BOX  789
CHELAN  WA  98816-0789

All Applications must be filled out entirely. Applications not completely filled out can not be processed. Applications must be collected by the Group Leader and mailed in together. Individual applications received will not be processed. Lists will be mailed directly to member. Applications must have members home address. School addresses can only be accepted if member lives in a boarding school. Group Leader May Have a standard membership at half price, if application is sent in with groups. Primary Language used in program is English. IPF protects members application information and does not sell or disclose members information to any other company for any purpose. IPF does not perform any sort of background check on members wishing to join. Group Leader MUST Provide a cover sheet with school/group Name with Group leaders contact information. Failure to do so can cause processing delay.

You will start by receiving a list of 5 PenFriends that you will write first. Membership lasts one year and during that time your name will appear on other member lists who will write to you first. Giving you many PenFriends who will be in your own age group, capable of writing at least one language you have in common and have similar interests.

(Applications must be mailed in together)

** (IRC) = INTERNATIONAL REPLY COUPON. Available at any Post Office / Type CN 01

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